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iUNIK is a K-beauty brand who strive for minimalism at each and every opportunity. To achieve the curation of products which reflect simplicity, iUNIK use natural ingredients and only source necessary ingredients by omitting any excessive inclusions which do not best represent minimalism or uphold their values and standards of high quality, effectiveness and safety. If you are already familiar with plant-based Korean skincare, you may have already come across iUNIK’s skin calming products, such as the Centella Calming Gel Cream. They have a wide range of products to suit all skin types, including restorative and skin texture improving products aimed at sensitive, dehydrated and mature skin types.



iUNIK as a cosmetics business was established in 2012, and was officially launched under this name in 2017 by Michelle Kim – the founding CEO of iUNIK. iUNIK is an acronym of the words ideal, unique, natural, ingredients and know-how. They also have a few slogans which relate back to their core value of minimalism, one of which is: “finding happiness through minimalism in an era of excess”. Their driving force for creating simple yet effective skincare doesn’t just stem from their appreciation of traditional Korean self-care practices and atopic herbal medicine, but also the recognition of the demand for clean cosmetics and cosmetics which truly work without exorbitant prices. Ms Kim, hoped to create easily accessible and affordable products for people of all ages; including those on a tight budget.

 Black Snail Restore Serum


Continuing with the topic of iUNIK’s focus on straightforward skincare, iUNIK have been praised for their transparency regarding the safety of their products; especially as several of their products have been created with sensitive and sensitised skin types in mind. They make it their priority to clearly outline which ingredients go into their products. Supporting documentation to prove the claims of their products are easily accessible across the Internet in both Korean and English.

They’re a EWG (Environmental Working Group) approved and verified brand, and therefore use the EWG rating system to help consumers better understand how trustworthy their products are. Most if not all of the ingredients iUNIK use in their products are rated 1-2 (low hazard ingredients).



Propolis Vitamin Range

As is stands, iUNIK have 3 products rich in Propolis extracts: the Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask, Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum and Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream. The key focal point which unifies this collection is that the trio revive dull skin and deliver plenty of vitamins and antioxidants which are naturally present in propolis. Each product also contains Sea Buckthorn Berry extract for it’s ability to contribute to the improvement of skin elasticity, help generate healthy functioning skin cells and prevent acne.


The Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask is a dual functional nourishing overnight mask which boosts skin’s hydration levels, in addition to brightening skin with 16% propolis extract and adds in an extra dose of wrinkle care at the end of a long day. It has an easily spreadable gel-like texture which naturally shares some of the same physical qualities of propolis, but is most certainly not as sticky. It doesn’t make skin feel weighted down. By morning, your skin is left feeling re-plumped and will appear more radiant.

The popularity of the Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum alone speaks for itself. It’s fantastic! This serum contains the highest quantity of propolis among all 3 products in the Propolis Vitamin line, with a generous 70% worth of the golden treasured ingredient. It also holds 12% Sea Buckthorn Berry extract, which is highly desired in serum form by people with acne-prone skin types. Just one pipette full of this serum is enough to cover the entire surface of the face and seeps into skin more quickly than you may think. Straight out of the dropper this serum initially looks rich and could be mistaken for having a tacky texture, although once in contact with skin is glides across your face like water (except slightly more viscous).

Last, but not least, we have the Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream which has a similar composition to the other products we’ve just discussed. The only major difference is it uses Idebenone for smoothing out wrinkles under the eyes and at the crow’s feet areas. Idebenone further acts as a phyto-protective to counteract the negative effects of toxins and other harmful factors in our environment, which would otherwise heighten the prominence of signs of ageing. What’s more, it overcomes the issue of dark circles and other pigmentation issues around the eyes or even at the smile line areas.


iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil

According to iUNIK themselves, this 94% pure plant oil cleansing oil is one of iUNIK’s most sold products to date. It is described as a mild cleansing oil for all skin types that has the power to deeply cleanse away any impurities and all traces of makeup and sunscreen. Calendula itself treats skin with anti-inflammatories and anti-fungal properties, meaning this product can even benefit oily and acne-prone skin. Jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and many more plant oils have been put into the mix to not only breakdown sebum and debris, but also replenish lost moisture. This is the type of oil based cleanser which emulsifies well with lukewarm water – washing away without leaving an oily film on the surface of skin or clogging pores.


iUNIK Black Snail Restore Cream

This is one of the latest products to join iUNIK’s ever-expanding, diverse selection. It has been suggested that this cream was developed in response to the well-received matching serum which came before it. The sole purpose of this cream is to refine fatigued, dry and mature skin types. It’s star ingredient is no other than Black Snail extract/Snail Secretion Filtrate (58%) for enhancing skin’s self-renewal, firmness and suppleness. You will be glad to know that it contains a great amount of Centella Asiatica to take care of the redness and irritation which typically comes with having dry or thin skin. We appreciate how it has Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferments and other fermented ingredients which work at restoring the skin barrier.


It’s plain to see that iUNIK, have fully immersed themselves into providing natural skincare for all which doesn’t feed into the hype of fads which will fleet with time, nor are their products needlessly complex. They standout for their variety as some of their products are more potent for tackling common skin concerns directly, whereas others are more basic for daily use and irritable skin types which require delicate care and attention. Each product lives up to its expectations for they are honestly described down to a tee. The packaging also lives up to the minimalistic approach: printed with block colours and concise product descriptions that get straight to the point.

Which iUNIK product in this post has caught your attention most?

Words: Emma Moseley from SimplyEm's Blog

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