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Hanyul: Introducing a Traditional Korean Beauty Brand

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Hanyul, or 한율 as it’s written in Korean, is one of the beautiful brands here at Kosame Beauty. Amore Pacific, the Korean beauty conglomerate, is the parent company of Hanyul, and as such Hanyul is one of the most well-known beauty brands to come out of the country. Unlike other Amore Pacific brands that lean on the side of extreme high-end luxury, such as Sulwhasoo, Hanyul has a much more grounded, humble existence in the beauty sphere. Let’s look at this brand in more detail. 

Brand Story

“Hanyul is to look into the traditional folk remedies that have been handed down over generations and reinterpret the wisdom of nature and tradition within them.”

Hanyul’s story is very much based in traditional folk medicine of Korea and can be described as a “hanbang” brand. “Hanbang” means the use of traditional remedies and natural ingredients to treat health issues and the term is often used in the K-beauty world for skincare that aligns with those principles. Hanyul has a focus on the knowledge and remedies that mothers pass down through generations of family, and the importance of these gems of information. This is reflected in the ingredient choices and product formulations of many of their products. 

Korea has deep ties to its past, and when you visit the country, this is apparent. While the modern skyscrapers and futuristic technology of the likes of Samsung are boldly visible throughout Seoul, the deep-rooted culture still has a firm hold on one of the most modern cities in the world. This meeting of the two worlds, modernity and tradition, is what enamours a lot of visitors to Korea, and it could be argued that Hanyul is a great representation of that. It combines forward-thinking beauty technology and cosmetic science with indigenous ingredients and age-old methods.

Key Ingredients

Rice is a longstanding ingredient both in Korean diet and beauty. Using rice water in a beauty routine is no secret in East Asia! Rice water is supposed to help soften and brighten skin, and rice has also traditionally been used to calm skin conditions such as eczema. Fermented rice water takes it a step further. The process of fermentation breaks down molecules, allowing skin to absorb the goodness more efficiently. But fermentation also creates more antioxidants and minerals through the process. For example, Hanyul Red Yeast Fermented Essence is created through an 8 day process where white rice from Yeoju is fermented with red yeast. This process boosts the effect of the rice, making the product more effective overall.


Yuja fruit, also known as yuzu in Japan, is a citrus fruit grown in the Southern region of Korea by the sea. It contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, making it a natural go-to skincare ingredient. Yuja has been used for centuries in Korean beauty for brightening and antiaging because of the antioxidants. The scent is also naturally aromatic, making it a lovely alternative to artificial fragrance. Hanyul has a small but definitive collection of Yuja products.

Hanyul Yuja Moonlight Citrus Range

Pure Artemisia

The Hanyul Artemisia line uses artemisia from Ganghwa Island in Korea, a small island just northwest of Seoul on the coast. It is said that the artemisia from this region is the best in Korea, as it is grown near the sea and not from mountains. In the past, mothers used artemisia-infused water for the first bath of a baby. Hanyul use a special fumigation system to extract the purest form of the ingredient for their “Pure Artemisia Line”. The benefits of this ingredient are extensive, but it’s most well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is a calming extract, and while artemisia is great for all skin types, those with sensitive, acne-prone skin may find it particularly effective.

Red Bean

Again, red beans are a huge source of antioxidants and contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Red bean powder, when used in skincare, helps gently exfoliate skin and has been used historically in Korea for this purpose. The benefits are brightening and a softening of skin texture. Hanyul’s Red Bean Peeling Mask provides these exact results.

Hanyul Red bean Range


Hanyul Products We Love


Rice Essential Skin Softener

The name of this product doesn’t give much away, but it is essentially a moisturizing toner, to be applied after cleansing both morning and night. Containing the Yeoju rice ferment we talked about earlier, as well as brightening ingredients, Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener nourishes skin resulting in a skin-softening effect. Improved skin texture gives a glowy, youthful appearance. It has won multiple beauty awards in Korea, and we can certainly see why.  

Yuja Oil Sheet Mask

This is one of the most luxurious, enjoyable, and effective sheet masks on the market, and that’s not an understatement coming from a writer who has tried hundreds over the past 5 years..!

The sheet mask package is compartmentalized into the mask with Yuja water essence, and the Yuja oil. You gently press the packaging to combine the two, and then apply the soaked mask. The scent is beautiful and adds to the overall sensory experience of the mask. The oil is moisturizing and yet there’s no greasiness or “heavy” feeling. Skin is left supple and rejuvenated. The mask really is a standout product from Hanyul.


Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream

This cream has the unique combination of a light-weight formula with the ability to deeply moisturize skin. The texture is exactly as described- a watery cream that sinks easily into skin. The artemisia ingredient really provides that calming, refreshing feel upon application and makes Hanyul Pure Artemisia Water Calming Cream a favourite for those with dry, sensitive skin. And the scent? So fresh you feel like you’re out exploring the natural habitat of artemisia on Ganghwa Island. 

Hanyul Pure Artemisia Cream

Overall, Hanyul is a fantastic option for those looking for a natural, hanbang brand without the high-end price tag. The accessibility of the brand has certainly added to its success, and with the research power of Amore Pacific behind them, the traditional folk medicine recipes of Korea have been formulated into gorgeous modern-day products for us to try and benefit from. Which ingredient intrigues you the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts about Hanyul below!

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