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Layer, Exfoliate & Nourish – Winter Korean Skincare Tips and Hero Products

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Korean skincare tips are far from scarce across social media platforms and websites - countless sources of such information typically highlight common skincare practices which originated in Korea and neighbouring countries, but are in the midst of making their way into the self-care routines of people outside of Asia. Some reference sheet masking, double cleansing, lip masks, sleeping packs, and toner pad masking – some of which we have also previously discussed on Kōsame Blog.

Today, we aren’t going to focus on trends that fleet and occasionally resurface. Alternatively we are going to discuss 3 simple tips which are often overlooked, but should be taken into consideration when caring for any skin type during Winter: Layer, Exfoliate & Nourish. Bear in mind that these tips are in no particular order as their functions can take place at various points in your Korean Skincare routine depending on your personal preferences and the products you choose.



Did you learn more about Hyaluronic Acid this year? Whether you did or didn’t, the main point concerning this ingredient that you need to remember is that it’s fantastic for layering! What makes Hyaluronic Acid desirable is it’s lightweight and fast absorbing, therefore you can layer it more than once (up to 3 times is most common).

Panthenol by comparison has near equal moisture retention benefits as Hyaluronic Acid, and is once again suitable for all skin types. The amount of times you layer products containing either of these hydrating ingredients will differ among skin types and degree of skin dehydration. Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid are all-round ingredients which allow outer or inner dry skin to be replenished with hydration to reveal a more youthful appearance which is more balanced.

At Kōsame, we have a number of products which are ideal for layering to support the healthy and natural functions of skin. Some are formulated with multiple and varying molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid. These products pair well with AHA/BHA products which we will cover shortly:

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Essence


Some people tend to shy away from exfoliation either because they have sensitive skin or associate exfoliation with severely dry, flaky skin types only. The good news is both Korean and Western skincare brands are moving away from harsh scrub exfoliators, especially since many countries enforced a ban on the use of Microbeads and other plastic based particles in cosmetics. The result of this being that exfoliation is actually for all!

With the absence of Microbeads and an increasing demand for more gentle exfoliation products and methods, more brands are curating AHA and BHA exfoliating cleansers, gommage/peeling gels, toners and essences. If your self-care routine involves sitting back and enjoying a face pack once or twice per week, you may wish to opt for a soft granule rinse-off mask containing rice or mugwort extracts to get some light exfoliation into your skincare routine.


Here are just a select few gentle skin softening exfoliation products we stock at Kōsame, intended for occasional use within a week:

Dr Ceuracle Ganghwa Granule Rice Pack

Without a doubt all of the points we have covered throughout this blog post are essential for keeping skin comfortable and healthy during chilly weather conditions. However, nourishment is most essential and should be consistently provided - twice per day - to protect skin against external stressors in our changing environment. Nourishing products typically provide more than a boost of hydration; they further treat skin with doses of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and/or probiotics, etc.

When you think of nourishment, you should associate it with repairing and replenishment. You should concentrate on the delivery of ingredients which help coax the natural functions of skin, i.e. repairing skin cells and the turn-over cycle of new skin cells. Nourishment isn’t just be sourced from rich ampoules or heavy moisturisers and oils, nourishment occurs from start to finish in your skin care routines. Nowadays there are numerous cleansers which nourish skin and don’t just serve as a method of removing impurities and excess oils from skin.

Some nourishing products you may like to try this Winter:

 Dr Althea Resveratrol Cream


We are continually looking for new brands and products to expand out inventory. If you have any particular Korean beauty products which you consider to be staple items in your Winter skincare routine, you’re welcome to share your recommendations with the team here at Kōsame.

Emma Moseley from SimplyEm's Blog

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