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Tidying Up Our Shelfie, without Marie Kondo !

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Skincare shelfies are the new selfies and tidying is the new therapy. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Marie Kondo, Japanese organising consultant, has got the entire world thinking about de-cluttering their belongings via her Netflix hit documentary and multiple self-help books. The Konmari method is a minimalist approach to tidying and even described as “a way of life”. You consider items, decide if they still spark joy, and if not, dispose of them. We’re not going completely Marie Kondo on you today, because, after all, don’t all beauty products spark joy?! But she has inspired us to think about tidiness, aesthetics, and yes, our skincare shelves. For skincare hoarders (guilty), this means looking at our collection and getting real. Do we need all that’s on our shelf? And how to organise the collection? We’ve got a few tips to get you started on tidying up that shelfie.

Be savage.

The first step is being honest to yourself, and that means admitting what you use and what you don’t. The one-month rule can come into play here. Haven’t used a skincare product in over four weeks? Bin it. If you’ve lived without using the product for an entire month, chances are you don’t love it and your skin doesn’t need it. The only exception to allow here is “treatment” skincare with specific purposes. Perhaps you have a product that you don’t need to use daily, such as the Innisfree Bija Cica Gel or a favourite sheet mask. We’re not suggesting chucking everything, just be selective. This can be tough for those of us who have the habit of holding onto things, but once you start to purge yourself of unnecessary belongings, it really does feel good!

Be smart.

How long have your products been open? We’re all guilty of cutting tubes in half to get every, last bit of product, right? But if your products have been open for more than 12 months, you might want to re-think. Most skincare products have the small symbol on their packaging that indicates you should chuck the product within 12 months of opening, and it’s a good idea to stick to that rule. If products go bad, they could cause you skin issues or even infections. You should particularly take care if you’ve gone down the “natural” product route, which are often labelled “preservative-free”. Without preservatives, the products are going to deteriorate much more quickly, so keep an eye out for any changes. Consider checking how they look, their smell, and the texture. Any obvious changes and you need make sure they’re out- not going on your face. More de-cluttering!

Be conscious.

We’re talking about throwing products away, but we need to think about others and the environment too. Before you take all this skincare to the bin, think about alternative options. If the product just isn’t for you, do you have a household member that may have a use for it? If the product isn’t opened and you don’t want it, or is only very lightly used, consider taking it to a women’s shelter. Women who escape dangerous situations rarely have time to pack all their belongings, so unused skincare and makeup is a massive aid to help them feel comfortable and like themselves again. If a product really is at the end of its lifespan, consider if the packaging is recyclable and make sure you dispose of it responsibly.

Be organised.

Now that you’re rid of the products you don’t need, it’s time to organise. There are several routes and ideas here, depending on your space:

  • Smaller ascending shelves upon your shelf, where you can view all your different products, is always helpful. Being able to see your skincare means you’re much more likely to use those products in the back that you always forget about!
  • Rotating storage. You must have seen the acrylic rotating shelves? These are super useful for small spaces as you store more, more efficiently. We’re also a fan of these on bedside tables for chic organisation, but also lazy-girl-approved night time skincare.  
  • Baskets for your sheet masks. It’s always difficult to know how to store these, but we find keeping them in baskets allows us to flick through them, while not creating a “messy” aesthetic on the shelf.
  • Standing trays. We love the gorgeous marble trays we see on IG, and these make it so much easier for cleaning the shelf! Who doesn’t want easy cleaning?
  • Recycled pots. We all have those “bits and bobs” that lie around and look cluttered. I’m talking skincare spatulas, small tubes, luxury sample size products…grab a mug, a jam jar, or kitchen pot and re-use to store these small bits. 
  • Cotton pad dispensers. If you keep packets of cotton pads around, you know they look unsightly lying amongst your skincare. Cotton pad dispensers are cheap and add a much more pleasant look to your shelf.

Be imaginative in your approach. I personally use a multiple boiled egg holder basket to store my beauty blenders, and you know what? It looks lovely! You don’t need to stick to the bathroom aisle when shopping for beauty storage.

Be inspired.

This is not simply about organising, it’s about creating a space you love. That doesn’t mean spending lots of money - head to a local charity store and see what you can find, or, as mentioned above, old kitchen storage is often great to re-use. If you’re DIY handy, you can always just give your current storage a makeover.

Also, think about your most aesthetically pleasing products. Sulwhasoo? Hanyul? Make sure your favourites are on display because sometimes it is about the packaging! Packaging can bring you happiness, and if it sparks joy, as Marie Kondo would say, why not have it out for you to catch a glimpse of?


Do you have any tips or ideas on how to organise your skincare collection? Leave us a comment below! 

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