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Wedding Skincare Regime: The Ultimate Guide for Bridal Glow

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Your wedding day is about the union between you and your significant other, the celebration of love and embarking on your journey as a married couple. But we’d be lying if we didn’t start thinking about our dress, makeup and hair as soon as the wedding planning began. Is how we look on our wedding day the most important thing? No. Do most brides want to look their best? Absolutely.

Complexion is a huge part of how we feel on a day to day basis, and that’s no different on your wedding day. The most commonly heard requests from wedding makeup artists are “glowy”, “natural”, and “pretty”. Regardless of your makeup style, glowing skin is the goal for most. Here is your complete guide to ensuring your skin is the best it can be on your special day. 


First things first, make some realistic goals. Realistic is the operative word here- there is no way you can ensure you won’t wake up with a breakout on your special day, and “perfect skin” is not the norm for most of us. Try and think about what you’d like to achieve and your personal skin goals. Do you want to reduce redness? Smooth your skin texture? Get a glow? They’re all achievable with good skincare. Lay out what you want and get forming a plan with our help!


6 months before

If you have 6 months or more to prepare, this is when you want to plan and maintain your wedding skincare routine. Results from skincare come from consistency. Consistently doing a good skincare routine is the main method that will help you achieve glowy, comfortable skin, and that’s why you want to start as far in advance as possible.

Choose the products you know you love, or perhaps a few newbies that align with your goals, and form your daily routine. A good skincare routine does not need to include 10+ steps as K-beauty has become infamous for, although it certainly can if you want! Below are the steps we think are vital for good skincare:

  1. Cleansing- ensuring all sunscreen and makeup are always fully removed is crucial.
  2. Hydrating layers for plumped, hydrated skin- think mists, toners, serums, ampoules and sheet masks.
  3. Moisturizer- something to nourish the skin and retain moisture.
  4. Sunscreen- the best tool for anti-aging, skin protection, and preventing pigmentation spots.

Although it can seem overwhelming to maintain a skincare routine, we have some tips. 

  • Keep all your products in the same place for ease.
  • Don’t plan for lots of steps if you know you won’t maintain them.
  • Keep your morning routine short and allow more time in the evening to unwind with your routine.
  • Choose products you enjoy, as you’re more likely to keep it up!
3 months before

Now would be the time to trial any treatments. Facials can be amazing for some extra pampering, and often don’t have to break the bank. Alternatively, why not try some at-home options? Korean brands have led the trend of at-home spa products over the past few years, and there are options for just about everything. Products exist for exfoliation, oil-reduction, moisturizing, as well as for specific areas of your face such as eye patches, lip patches, and nose masks. Our favourites include:

Mizon sheet masks for extra hydration and moisture. We try to sheet mask a couple of times a week to compliment our skincare routine and boost hydration, which results in a glowy complexion.

Dr Ceuracle Matcha Clay Pack. We love a gentle clay mask to help reduce sebum and leave our face feeling smooth and soft. This mask is great to use once per week.

Massage rituals are another way to enhance your at-home skincare experience, with many benefits for body and mind. Massaging can improve blood circulation which is said to boost collagen production; gently massaging from the centre to the outer edge of your face can help lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness; and by focusing on pressure points in your face, you can reduce stress and relieve tension. Jade rollers and other facial massage tools are highly popular in Asia, and available at an affordable price online.

If you find treatments you love, again incorporate these into your weekly routine because consistency is key! 

1 Week Before

Nerves and excitement are probably running high at this point, and it’s not long until the big day. Do not try anything new on your face in this final week! You don’t know how your skin may react, and the last thing you want is irritation. It’s important to maintain your routine and any treatments you’ve been enjoying, despite the rushing around you’re undoubtedly doing. 

An area that you may have been neglecting, but certainly don’t want to be, is your décolletage. This area across your neck, chest and shoulders may well be on display when you wear your wedding dress. Pull all skincare down your neck and across the shoulder area this week, ensuring that you’re hydrating and moisturizing the delicate skin for a soft, youthful appearance. 

Although you may be stressed, it’s vital to keep a healthy diet and healthy mind. Excess alcohol, for example, can cause your body to react in a way that creates breakouts. Stress can cause us to touch our face and results in excess oil production. Although weddings can cause anxiety, try and maintain perspective, and turn to calming methods as well as the family and friends around you if you’re struggling. Taking 5 minutes at the beginning or end of each day to meditate can be highly beneficial. There are numerous apps that will take you through a guided meditation, helping you unwind and calm your mind. 

Ultimately, keep things as simple and consistent as possible during the last 7 days. 


Your Wedding Day

The big day has arrived, and nerves have possibly taken over. Try to enjoy your routine on this special morning! Don’t plan anything too complicated, just ensure you’re using products you love and fully hydrating and moisturizing. You want a smooth, plumped face, particularly if you’re applying makeup. Under eye masks, such as the Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patches, create a lovely plumping effect and hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes before applying concealer or other base makeup products. Spritz makeup with a facial mist as your last step for a fresh, dewy finish.

Most importantly- relax, savour every moment, take lots of photographs, and get excited for such a special, meaningful moment in time. You look beautiful!

We hope this guide is helpful for you brides-to-be or for those of you looking to transform your skincare game. Let us know of any tips you’d like to add!



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