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Our Story

Kōsame Beauty, The House of Korean Beauty, was founded in 2018 from London with a direct sourcing team in Seoul.

Korean beauty traditions have unrivalled longevity. Many have been passed down through centuries from generation to generation in South Korea, carefully refined with natural ingredients to create innovative skincare formulas.
Today, Korea leads the industry with an unsurpassed level of quality and care in their advanced skincare solutions.
It’s no wonder that the leading Western beauty manufacturers source their best-selling ideas from traditional K-beauty ways.

Curated Korean Skincare

Kōsame Beauty was created so you can shop original, authentic and fresh K-beauty items that previously were only available in South Korea. 

Every product you find here was carefully selected by our team of passionate experts from our elite list of trusted Korean brands. Only the best Korean skincare products from award-winning and promising new contemporary
K-beauty companies make it through our unique, thorough curation process. 

We focus on finding high-tech formulas that utilise fresh, powerful ingredients. These are modern and effective products that can solve your skin concerns from renowned and trustworthy manufacturers. 

Dedicated Customer Service

We are a result driven team that are completely devoted to customer satisfaction. Kōsame Beauty is organised so you can shop by skin concern, whether you need anti-aging, sun protection or simply pore cleansing help.
Let us guide you through the 8-step K-beauty routine with our growing range of selected K-beauty products.

To make every order memorable, we include a free gift that we think you’ll love, plus free delivery over £34 GBP.
Our customer service team are the soul of Kōsame Beauty and are waiting ready to give you advice on what will work for you.

Mélusine, Founder of Kōsame Beauty
Melusine Tran - Founder of Kosame Beauty - K-Beauty UK

8 years ago, you’d have found me reading The Law of Creative Marketing by Katalin Berenyi. I was fascinated with the concept of K-beauty and I tried my first BB cream the week after finishing the book. That moment started it all for me.

Being part Vietnamese, I’ve always been interested in bringing innovative concepts from the East to the West. When I discovered K-beauty, I knew that I could bring the clean simplicity and exceptionally high quality of Korean skincare and cosmetics to the Western world.

That’s why I created Kosame, The House of Korean Beauty, to create a space where K-beauty is accessible. It’s a place where I invite you to learn about the innovative products from the trusted K-beauty brands I’m passionate about and try something new. 

The company I created first to help my friends discover K-beauty is now helping so many people feel confident in their skin.